All in Food

An Easter Brunch!

It’s been beautiful in Phoenix this spring, 70’s and sunny with some needed rain. Spring is my favorite time of year partially because my birthday is in the spring, but mostly because there are sign of new life EVERYWHERE!

Greek Liquid Gold!

Olive Oil. Fruity, sumptuous, olive oil. Unfiltered, virgin pressed, sunshine kissed!

My good friend Dena is Greek, unmistakably Greek. She looks Greek, she speaks with a Greek accent, she laughs loudly and is full of joy! Dena makes everyone around her smile. She reminds me to be thankful for everything and to love those around me.

And, Dena can cook! Oh my, can Dena cook!

Celebrate LOVE!

It’s February! Hearts and flowers and loving thoughts fill the air! My daughter Brittany and I decided to celebrate by making an appetizer and dessert dinner to be shared by two. Brittany is an entrepreneur, dance teacher, chef, and a caring and fun daughter!

Pecan Sweet Rolls - A Holiday Tradition Revised!

For the last 37 years I have been making Pecan Sweet Rolls for Thanksgiving and Christmas mornings. Bready, cinnamony, gooey, nutty, these rolls start holiday mornings with that familiar, twice a year smell and taste. This year we tried a gluten free, refined sugar free version. Here they are!