Berry, Berry Good!

I recently spent a week in Portland with my daughters. We had a great time, like always, and did all kinds of fun activities, including berry picking! Berry picking is something we have done many times, especially when the girls were little. I home-schooled for a few years when we lived in Portland, and we picked berries every summer as we learned about plants and how they grow.

Knit Happens...

My daughter Brooke has been married for 5 years to a good-looking and talented man named Jack. Jack grew up in London, England with his remarkable parents Olwyn and Nigel. Olwyn is the knitter of this amazing sweater and many other items! This is her knitting story…

A Day To Remember...

My sweet, beautiful niece, Tara, got married a couple weeks ago, at a farmstead in rural Pennsylvania, outside of Pittsburgh. It was a time of joyful family togetherness, peaceful scenery, delicious food and drink, and rowdy celebrating!

The Colors of Joy

What brings you joy? For my client Jane Underhill, it’s many things including a talent she discovered later in life. I visited Jane’s home a few months ago and was taken back by her colorful and varied artwork. I was even more intrigued when I found out she was the artist!

An Easter Brunch!

It’s been beautiful in Phoenix this spring, 70’s and sunny with some needed rain. Spring is my favorite time of year partially because my birthday is in the spring, but mostly because there are sign of new life EVERYWHERE!

Modern Traditional with a Youthful Twist!

Traditional Style has withstood the test of time, centuries in fact! But lately this timeless style has received a youthful facelift. My friend Jessica recently purchased a new home. She is one of a new breed of designers, young, confident, and wistfully creative in her love of traditional style.

Greek Liquid Gold!

Olive Oil. Fruity, sumptuous, olive oil. Unfiltered, virgin pressed, sunshine kissed!

My good friend Dena is Greek, unmistakably Greek. She looks Greek, she speaks with a Greek accent, she laughs loudly and is full of joy! Dena makes everyone around her smile. She reminds me to be thankful for everything and to love those around me.

And, Dena can cook! Oh my, can Dena cook!

It's a Crewel, Crewel World!

Ever try your hand at embroidery? Webster’s defines this as, “the ornamentation of fabric using needlework.” Crewel is similar but refers to the type of yarn used, it’s typically thicker and made of wool. I met someone recently who is highly skilled at this artform, and gazing at her handiwork was nothing short of enchanting! Bobbie, my new friend, spends hours working on her craft. She paints pictures with a needle and thread, buttons, and fabric.

Celebrate LOVE!

It’s February! Hearts and flowers and loving thoughts fill the air! My daughter Brittany and I decided to celebrate by making an appetizer and dessert dinner to be shared by two. Brittany is an entrepreneur, dance teacher, chef, and a caring and fun daughter!

Mid Century Modern Meets Classic Phoenix Part Two

My friend Joel Lilliquist has been renovating a small condo in central Phoenix over the last year. My last post highlighted his contemporary dining area. Here are a few pictures of some other areas I love.

This is his comfy seating area, a streamlined leather sofa, a tribal print rug, and a planked wood table. Fun pillows, a tripod lamp, and a colorful art piece add the finishing details. Joel is a “less is more” designer and dislikes clutter. It shows in this vignette.

Mid Century Modern Meets Classic Phoenix Part One

My good friend Joel Lilliquist is a master craftsman, not in the usual way of working with wood or stone, but in the way of using scale, negative space, color and pattern. Joel has been in the design industry for 38 years, beginning in visual merchandising and transitioning to interior design 19 years ago. I met Joel when I started with Lazboy Furniture Galleries 13 years ago. He is one of my design mentors and one of my favorite people! His unique mix of fabrics, art, and lighting is inspiring.

Pecan Sweet Rolls - A Holiday Tradition Revised!

For the last 37 years I have been making Pecan Sweet Rolls for Thanksgiving and Christmas mornings. Bready, cinnamony, gooey, nutty, these rolls start holiday mornings with that familiar, twice a year smell and taste. This year we tried a gluten free, refined sugar free version. Here they are!